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Please note: This is available for bulk corporate order only, please get in touch with us via email below.

Our tea range:

We box our tea in boxes of 6 .

Australian Lemon Myrtle Tea 

A bright, warm tea that will find itself in your mug at all hours of the day. Blended with lemon myrtle, it makes this cup truly delightful.

Australian Chai Tea 

Aromatic, spicy and full of personality, our chai blend is perfect to warm your body up on a chilly day. Traditionally brewed with milk and honey.

Australian Mint Daintree Tea

Think endless cool breezes on a summer day. We’ve added a minty zing to this coppery black tea classic to freshen up your day!

Australian Sencha
Grown and produced in the Aussie highlands, this full bodied green tea carries similar flavour characteristics to Japanese Sencha, with a softer character. 

Zen Gratitude Tea 

You’ll be dreaming of strawberry and fresh berry fields for days, it’s a blend that won’t last long once it’s in your hands. Drink hot or cold.

Citrus fruit infusion 

An wonderful infusion that feels as refreshing as a cool breeze in summer, with sweet delightful fruity apple, lemon & lime pieces. 


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